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Paddle Dryer / Blender :

R.T. Industries, Wada, Thane, acquired in the year 2001, Paddle Dryer / Blender from Dynatech Engg. Co. The unit is of 500 litre capacity and with material of construction SS 316. In the whole period of 15 years, from 2001 to 2016, the unit has been running perfectly without maintenance. The drive system consists of Dynatech gearbox and chain sprocket. The gland packing is made of universal Teflon.

The unit has been working under around 120� C temperature and a vacuum of 700 mm. Hg.

It is interesting to note that there have been no maintenance works or replacement of bearings, gears, gland packing. This indicates superior standard of Dynatech�s design and manufacturing techniques.

We at Dynatech insist that customers to go for Dynatech equipments which are techno economical units. The life of Dynatech unit is extraordinarily long. These are maintenance free units apart from being energy efficient units. Apart from all these, the units are of the type totally assembled at factory and are of ready to use type without going for special foundations.

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