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Paddle Vacuum Dryer

Paddle Vacuum Dryer

General Advantages :

  • Drying time around 25% that of tray drier saves production time.
  • Uniform drying under controlled atmosphere at low temperature good product quality free of oxides and dust with recovery of solvent .
  • Less manpower required low drying cost.
  • Balanced movement no foundation required

Uses :

  • For drying of stick material
  • Replaces tray drier, fluidized bed drier etc.

Design Aspects :

Total Volume 100 to 10,000 ltrs.
Working Volume 25% to 50%
Output Speed 15 RPM
MOC M.S., SS 304, SS 316, SS Lined, Hestalloy Coated
Drying Temperature 35 to 100 C
Vacuum Max. 760 mm.
Heating Fluid Hot water / Steam / Hot oil
Paddle Vacuum Dryer