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Water in Tender Coconut Skin

Tender coconut water is a health drink. Generally Doctors recommended tender water as a diet. Otherwise also people just drink tender coconut water just to improve health. It has been found that in large cities, the estimated tender coconut consumption run up to 1 to 2 lacs. In smaller cities and towns the consumption can be around 20,000 to 50,000.

After drinking the water, the shell becomes a municipal waste. When the outer shells are disposed, it has been found that the decaying items can lead to many types of diseases. Some Municipalities, with insistence by High Courts, planned to dry these shells and compost in to green fuel. When Dynatech Engineering designed and supplied a tunnel dryer, it was found that the shredded coconut shell took abnormally more time to dry.

Dynatech decided to conduct experiment and find out exact percentage of moisture in the tender coconut shell.

Accordingly fresh tender coconuts were purchased. Drinkable water was collected. The shell was squeezed in a hydraulic press of 100 Ton capacity.

The results were as follows,

  • Tender coconut total weight - 900 gm
  • Weight of drinkable water - 230 gm
  • Weight of empty shell - 670 gm
  • Water removed by squeezing - 570 gm
  • Weight of solid residue - 100 gm
  • Weight of solid after run drying - 60 gm

It can be seen that there is more than the twice the quantity of water in the tender coconut shell compared to the drinkable water inside.

This indicates that from one tunne of tender coconut shell, around 800 to 850 liter of liquid can be extracted depending on the type of the tender coconuts. If a Municipality produces 100 tonnes of coconut shells, around 80,000 liters of shell water per day can be collected.

The water inside the tender coconut has passed through the skin. As such there should not be any difference in the chemical and physical composition of water inside and the water in the skin.

If tender coconut shell is hygienically handled, the shell water can be process to from a type of energy drink. While inside water costs around Rs. 40/- (250 ml), this energy drink can cost at least Rs. 100 per liter.

On the other hand, if it cannot be hygienically handled easily, the liquid can be used in preparing animal feed like oil cakes etc.

Any soft part of tree like leaves, fruit skin can be used for preparing compost manure, to grow vegetable plants and flower plants. Oil cakes etc are used as organic fertilizer. Similarly the tender coconut shell water can be used as liquid organic fertilizer. Some researcher reported that tender coconut shell water is as good as Urea. So tender coconut skin water can be sold as liquid fertilizer. Even it fetches Rs. 20/- a liter, from 100 Tons/day of coconut shell can fetch Rs. 1,60,000 per day.

Dynatech design and manufactures tender coconut squeezing machines and dryers. Young, Industrious entrepreneurs can start tender coconut shell water fertilizer and green fuel manufacturing Industries.