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Reactor & Mixing System

Reactor & Mixing System

We Dynatech Engineering Company are one of the leading manufacturers, providers, exporters and suppliers of high quality Reactor & Mixing System to our clients in Taloja, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kenya, Uganda, Bahrain. Dynatech designs reactors for a number of applications like Autoclaves, Crystallisers, Evaporators, and Distillation Unit etc. Alternatively Dynatech designs specialised mixing systems for the above processes and more.

Advantages of Dynatech's Mixing System :

  • Critically Designed Mixing Shaft - Saves unnecessary inventory cost. Extra heavy design shaft will cost more without serving any useful purpose.
  • Impeller Design Considerations � Impeller is designed taking into consideration the exact flow required by the system. This helps in saving wastage of power as higher flow only increases mixing power without providing any extra benefit. Initial investment is reduced and reaction time is also saved.
  • No intermediate or bottom bush bearing, the gear output shaft bearing takes the entire load � No additional bearing maintenance. In cases where bottom bearings are present it has been noticed that bearings are not exactly concentric which leads to extra frictional loads, which leads to greater power demand and might also cause leakage from stuffing box or mechanical seal. Dynatech�s specialized system does not employ separate bearing housing in the lantern stool like other conventional systems that helps in bringing down initial cost of the system as well as reduces maintenance expenses.
Reactor & Mixing System