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Kitchen Wet Waste Processing Unit

Kitchen Wet Waste Processing Unit

Dynatech manufactures Kitchen Wet Waste Processing Unit.This unit can convert wet waste to dry powder.

  • The unit crushes wet waste.
  • Squeezes the crushed item.
  • Remove moisture to bone dry.
  • Finally produces dry powder.
  • Final Product will be 10 to 25% of the wet waste fed in to the processor.

  • Time taken is 5 to 8 Hrs. This is the fastest unit compared to existing composting units.
  • Power required is only 0.5 unit per 0.5 kg of wet waste. It is expected that a nominal family produces 0.5 kg wet waste per day. A Housing Society of 40 flats can economically handle the wet waste. The power consumption 50% connected load.
  • The out come from the processor is a dry powder. This can be stored if required like any other grain, for quite sometime.
  • The final product is a dry powder produced from food left out like vegetable, fruits, chapatti, rice, biryani, chana masala and such other food item. This contains calcium, phosphate, protein etc. This is a good animal feed. It can be fed to Dogs, Cows, Buffalo, poultry, pig farm, sheep farm and dairy farm.
  • The product is in dry powder form. It is a good bio fertilizer for plants (like oil cake etc.) On putting in to plants and agricultural field it mixes with water and soil instantly and gets composted. The compost is done in the soil within 2 to 3 days. Since it is dry powder can be stored and used at any convenient time.
  • Since the product is a dry powder containing carbohydrates it can be prepared like cake and can be used as fuel in the boiler, hot water generators etc. It is a good fuel for factory boilers.
  • The Process is clean and neet and the unit can be installed in a decent premises.
  • The process can be taken up day to day, so that there will not be any intolerable smell. The area will have a vegetarian kitchen smell.
  • These are electrically heated units. Gas and Solid fuel heating options are also available.

Capacity Range:-

3 kg/batch to 10 tonne/batch

    Place of Installation:-
  • Individual house hold
  • Bungalows
  • Housing Society
  • Hotels
  • Municipalities
  • Vegetable Market
  • Abbottors

Kitchen Wet Waste Processing Unit