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Double Cone Vacuum Dryer

Double Cone Vacuum Dryer

We Dynatech Engineering Company are one of the leading manufacturers, providers, exporters and suppliers of high quality Double Cone Vacuum Dryer to our clients in Taloja, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, India. Double Cone Vacuum Dryer operates under the principle of controlled and uniform drying under vacuum at low temperatures.

Uses :
Is suited best for drying of free flowing non-sticky wet powder or crystals.

Advantages :

  • Drying time much faster than that of conventional Tray Dryer � Saves production time.
  • Uniform drying under controlled atmosphere at low temperature�Good product quality free of oxides and dust with recovery of solvent.
  • Less manpower required � Low drying cost.
  • Perfectly designed drive system - Saves power while drying.
  • Balanced movement - No foundation required.
  • Motorized Lump Breaker can be provided.

Design Aspects :

Total Volume 50 to 10,000 Ltrs.
Working Volume 25 to 33 %
Output Speed 3 to 6 RPM
Drive Motor 0.5 HP to 5 HP
MOC IS 2062, ASTM SS 304, ASTM SS 316, PVDF coated
Drying Time 0.5 to 8 Hrs.
Drying Temperature 35 to 100º C and above
Vacuum Max. 760 mm. Hg
Vacuum Breaking By Air, N2 or any other Gas
Heating Medium Hot water / Steam / Hot oil
Discharge Provision of Butterfly Valve on requirement
Double Cone Vacuum Dryer